Fashion Fiasco Part 1

It was a bright shiny day Cecile was running to her friend Lulu’s house. Today there was to be a fashion show held at La Maison.SAM_4236” Oh thank goodness your here!” Lulu said running to meet her, so Cecile and Lulu walked to La Maison . ” Welcome” Said Amy ( Another girl in the fashion show) waving.  Then came Nina who always lost because she played tricks on herself. Now it was time for it to start Cecile started on the runway but then a huge brown monkey jumped out from behind the stage! SAM_4232 Cecile was so startled she fell down  and the monkey jumped on her! SAM_4233 Lulu ran to help but the monkey toppled over both of them,  the fashion show was ruined and monkeys were everywhere! People screaming, Jumping, running , crying and leaving.SAM_4234


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