Door to adventure part 1

It was a bright afternoon. Mia, Cecile and Coconut were having a nice picnic.door to adventure“So Cecile,” Mia started “When is your birthday again, I forgot?” “Oh, its May 28!” Cecile said. “Woof woof!” Coconut barked.door to adventure2  “Why don’t we go to the secret hideout?” Cecile said. “Sure, I’ll be there soon!” Mia smiled.

GetAttachment (7) “Bye!” Cecile said as she dashed off. GetAttachment (1)Soon Cecile was at the secret hideout GetAttachment (5) She found a huge drum(REALLY REALLY BIG!) ” WOW THIS IS AWESOME!” Cecile hollered. Meanwhile, Mia and Coconut were on their way.GetAttachment (3) Cecile’s holler was so loud Mia could hear it this far “Cecile must have found something” Mia told coconut .

GetAttachment (2)  “woof! woof!” Coconut whimpered “we’re almost there!” Mia said picking up Coconut.

GetAttachment (4) “Whew!,” Mia said ” I’m finally here!” GetAttachment (5) “Look what I found!” Cecile said. “What is it?” Mia said. ” A drum, A REALLY BIG DRUM!” Cecile said. ” Awesome!” Mia said.

GetAttachment (7)“Yeah! VERY AWESOME!” Cecile said.

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