Mini doll attack!


“You’re right,” Mia said “coconut was dirty.” Mia and Cecile were giving coconut a nice bath.



After coconut’s bath she wagged her tail, “woof!”


Meanwhile, Kit and Felicity were up to  what they called “spy work”.

“Hey!” Felicity said, “Let’s scare Mia and Cecile!” “Yeah!” Kit said, “That’s a great idea!”

“Come on!” Felicity said. “Shhh!” Kit said.  They crept across the corner.

“Let’s hide behind this.” Kit suggested. “Ok, at the count of three jump and yell boo, Ok.” Felicity said. “Yep!” Kit replied.


“1,2,3,” Kit and  Felicity counted, “BOO!” They shouted.



“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mia and Cecile hollered and they fell to the ground.



“Come on, Lets get out of here!” Kit said. So they ran back to the spy cave.


“What in the world was that?” Cecile asked. “I have no idea. ” Mia said.






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