What is she doing?

HI guys! I’m starting What is she doing its going to be weekly. Here’s the  picture



4 thoughts on “What is she doing?

  1. Cecile: Quick, we’ve got to trap Coconut! He needs a bath!
    Mia: Ok! Let’s use this blanket!
    Coconut comes by, the girls tackle him and cover him with the blanket. Coconut wimpers.
    Cecile: To the bath with you!


  2. Mia: Hurry! We have to find a place to hide before hide and seek is over!!!!
    Cecile: We should hide under this blanket! *go under blanket*
    Mia: Wait, this is where the seeker was counting!!!! Cecile!
    Cecile: Well, how was I supposed to know!??!!


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