Door to adventure part 3

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting since… FOREVER! My big Break is over and I’ll be posting more often. If you want to see part 2 click this If you want to see part one click this 🙂


“Wake up!” some one says. I wake up to find myself in some type of room, “Mia, Did you do a prank or something?”I say.

‘No! but look at the dress your wearing, we even have maids! You were yelling like you were scared to death, right at the Princess, Its was all a bad dream.” My sister Mia shouts. I look at my self, Mia was right I felt like a princess.

I blushed, “Whats the princess’s name? ” I ask “Annabelle.” Mia says


“Miss” A girl my age says. ” would you care for tea with your breakfast?” “yes.” I nod

She smiles ” Perhaps a tint of sugar?” she asks  I nod


Once me and my sister get some time by our self i tell her my fears “How are we going to get back,” I say

” I am SO not staying here the WHOLE summer, I want to go back to Camp doll diaries, get out of this itchy dress, and get back to my REAL life!” It a blurted out of me, and once I started it couldn’t end.


” I want to get back too,” Mia started “if only there was…”  her voice faded “a door!” ” yeah but we don’t have one” I say.


“There is a door!” Mia says as she gets up and pulls my arm. ” wow! whats in there?” I say ” lets go see” Mia says.


We come closer. and closer. and closer.


we open the door,



I hope you like it!


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