Meet Jennifer and Jason!


As you see in the title that there are some newcomers, meet Jennifer and Jason my bitty twins!


They’re so cute and they come with a book as well. I enjoy this knew addition to our doll family. The boy comes with blue loafers, jeans, and a plaid button down. The girl comes with blue flats, butterfly tights, and an adorable denim dress. I recommend this highly, especially if you can’t decide between gettingĀ a bitty baby orĀ an american girl doll.

We recently went to Chicago in December, they had an AG place there and that’s where we got them. These are super cute and adorable.

If you have bitty twins or a bitty baby, I wouldĀ love hearing from you!


Have a “dollightful” day!

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5 thoughts on “Meet Jennifer and Jason!

  1. I just found your blog and love it! I especially love this post because my mom and her brother are named Jennifer and Jason. Then about 20 years later they came out with a baby name book called “Beyond Jennifer and Jason” guide to naming your babies unpopular names! Now you don’t here these names as much! I started an AG blog about a month ago called Maybe you could check it out and we could follow each other. -Kara-


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