Secrets Of the Ponies (Part one)

“Mom, I’m going outside!”I holler as I walk out the back door.

Today was a perfect day, the blue sky was clear, the sun glistened, it was beautiful.


My horse Moonbeam, neighed. ” Whats wrong girl?” I ask softly.She neighs again and again jumping like crazy. I look down at the grass and saw something. I rub my eyes. But its  still there. It was a pony, a pink pony with green hair.


” Oh My!” I squeal. The pony jumps up. ” Oh hi.” She says in a high pitched voice. She was about to run away, ” Wait!” I said. ” Why are you here? How are you real?” She hesitates and responds,”I-I’m Flower wishes.”I smile.”I’m Mia” I reply.


I Pick Flower Wishes up from the ground. ” Are you the only one?” I ask                                  “Goodness no! They’re more ponies.”                                                                                                          ” Flower Wishes. There you are!” A voice says.


I turn around and see a blue pony with short rainbow hair. ” Oh, hiya there. Um, No offense, but do humans have names.” She asks. ” Yes, we do. I’m Mia. Whats your name?” I ask . ” Rainbow Dash, Aka most AWESOME pony in the world.” She says dashing up in the air. ” Yeah, she’s super fast. She’s teaching me how to fly really fast, so I can join wonder bolts academy.” Flower wishes adds.


“Wow, I always loved ponies but I didn’t know they were real.” I say in awe.                              “C’mon,” Rainbow Dash grins”follow me.”


They Lead me to a wooded Area. Wow, this is where I read. Who knew that those ponies were right there.This is where we live.” Flower Wishes says.



” You can’t see much now, but inside there’s a little village.” Rainbow dash says.”Thats AWESOME!” I shout.img_2970

Now I finally have some friends. “Guys, This can’t be true.” I start feeling nervous and scared.Is this a trap?


” I know, I’m so awesome I can’t even believe it either.” Rainbow Dash says.                              “I don’t think that’s what she meant.” Flower Wishes laughs.


All of a sudden a pony jumps on me. “Oh, hello my little friend.” She says knocking me to the ground. ” Celestia!NO!” Flower Wishes shouts. Rainbow dash flies over, trying to tackle Celestia.  ” I finally am able to capture a human.” Celestia says. “Thank you Girls for the help.”  This was a trap? ” You guys did this to capture me?” I ask. ” N-” Rainbow dash starts. ” Yes, they did.” Celestia says, grinning. ” Now I can take control of humans forever!” She laughs.”Mwah ha ha!Mwah ha ha!Mwah ha ha…”



Everything goes black.


10 thoughts on “Secrets Of the Ponies (Part one)

  1. Awesome!!!! Oh My Goodness! That put me on the edge of my seat! “Secrets of the Ponies” new mini series?! Mia’s outfit is super adorable! My favorite pony in your series so far has to be Flower Wishes, because of her beautiful colors, and her kindness (just like you!) 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of this series!!!
    ~ Bella 🙂


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