Goty 2017 LEAKS!!

Hey Guys!

I have some leaks!

Name: Her name is confirmed by an American Girl employee that her name is going to be Gabriela McBride.

Story/Interests: Gabriela is a tap dancer and has a pet cat, as revealed by a AG employee. A quick search on Georgetown Publications, American Girl’s publisher in Canada, says that the title of her craft book is Express Yourself With GOTY 2017, so a theme in her books will be self-expression (most likely through tap dance)

Books: Gabriela will be the first Girl of the Year doll to have four books and a craft book!

Book 1 will release in stores like Barnes And Noble and Target and online retailers like on December 27, 2016 and on American Girl’s site and stores on January 1, 2017. It is written by Teresa E. Harris, the author of Perfect Place, a Young Adult novel.

Book 2 will release on March 28, 2017. It is also written by Teresa E. Harris.

Book 3 has an unknown release date, probably the date of the summer release. It is written by Varian Johnson, the author of the Jackson Greene novels.

Book 4 also has an unknown release date. It’s author is unknown.

Looks: American Girl has confirmed that they are remodeling Just Like You 46 to be the Gabriela doll.



Pet cat! Its soooo cute!


Hair accessories!



She is so cute! I am getting her whole collection!

Tell me what your favorite item is.


30 thoughts on “Goty 2017 LEAKS!!

  1. I think she looks too much like #46. AG literally just put #46’s hair in a high ponytail, and called her GOTY 2017. I saw her and most of her collection already, but I didn’t share it for 3 reasons 1: My blog isn’t public, and 2: I didn’t want to spoil the next GOTY for anyone and 3: Since I didn’t take or find the picture that I would have used on my blog, I wouldn’t post them without permission from the blogger I found the pics on.
    πŸ™‚ Bella and the Dolls πŸ™‚


  2. That’s awesome I’m so happy you like her and her stuff! I do like her hair. What is it with American Girl and dancers/sporty girls? I want a doll who suffers from depression, I want to see a doll who is bullied for her weight. Yes, American Girl has done some awesome stuff with racial diversity, but all the stories aren’t really relatable. That’s just my opinion though. I am really excited for you!

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