Cecile’s Adventures! : Chillaxing

” Programing, and loving it!”                         “Evergreens are AWESOME!”                          “BOOKS all ABOUT it”

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“I can touch the top!”



Daisy chain award


Who is your favorite GOTY?


Who is your favorite band or singer ?

Jamie grace.

We do not watch American Idol.

What is your favorite  sport?

I’ll say biking.

If you had a wish what will it be?

Getting billons of AG dolls for free!

What is your favorite disney movie / tv show?

I don’t watch televison. So none.

What is your favorite AG doll?


What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite post type?

Photo story.

What is your hobby.

Writing , drawing, acting, singing, programing ( like making games and animations)

What is your favorite subject?

Art and English.

I nominate: josieonthego.com dandelionsanddaisies.wordpress.com and thedollmag.wordpress.com

Thank you Josie for nominating me!