New Dollhouse!

Hi There! Today I made a doll house for my dolls Lulu Cecile and Abby.

`Here they are having fun! WIN_20141128_133113    Here is the toy bin and dresser.

WIN_20141128_133129Here is the chair (If you can’t see it its the red thing!) WIN_20141128_133121

Fun, Fun for everyone! WIN_20141128_133140

No Sew american girl doll Ice Skating Tutu and tunic.

This is a cute easy 5 Minute craft for any American Girl 18 inch doll.

First I get a white fancy sock ( the ones with ruffles ) then cut I a little bit further then the ruffles . After you cut the sock turn the ruffle part of the sock upside down ( So it will look really cute!)

Then cut the bottom of the sock off and you have a tunic! Put it on your doll and your done! Have some fun making these and comment if you made it, I’d  be happy to hear! SAM_4245