New Dollhouse!

Hi There! Today I made a doll house for my dolls Lulu Cecile and Abby.

`Here they are having fun! WIN_20141128_133113    Here is the toy bin and dresser.

WIN_20141128_133129Here is the chair (If you can’t see it its the red thing!) WIN_20141128_133121

Fun, Fun for everyone! WIN_20141128_133140

Daisy chain award


Who is your favorite GOTY?


Who is your favorite band or singer ?

Jamie grace.

We do not watch American Idol.

What is your favorite  sport?

I’ll say biking.

If you had a wish what will it be?

Getting billons of AG dolls for free!

What is your favorite disney movie / tv show?

I don’t watch televison. So none.

What is your favorite AG doll?


What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite post type?

Photo story.

What is your hobby.

Writing , drawing, acting, singing, programing ( like making games and animations)

What is your favorite subject?

Art and English.

I nominate: and

Thank you Josie for nominating me!


The GOTY is : Grace Thomas! I hope she is African American, because there are no African – American GOTY dolls ;(

Her code is Coco , some of you guys already know. Can’t wait for 2015! doodle_1414711914469They already published her book. That’s kind of early … or is it just me 🙂



TODAY IS MY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turned nine today!

On Friday we went to the Ag store and got Cecile’s hair done (she has an adorable ribbon !) and her ears pierced! She looks so cute! I’m going to post up the pictures soon 🙂 I took them on my dad’s I pod, so that’s why its so delayed (Sorry guys!)

Any way… we went to the bistro and Cecile sat next to me! They even sang happy birthday to me :)! and put a candle in some sorbet! ( :p It  sounds weird, but its true!)  So that was fun… Oh! and thanks to everybody voted what Ag store to go to! we choose Columbus because its closer ( we live in Ohio so its just 2 hours anyway)

So I had so much fun and I am getting Cecile glasses I don’t wear glasses, but they really give you just a little extra its so cool!  Right now just Chillaxing ( Its chilling and relaxing combined together! :p) ,  alright maybe I’m really off the line, but please still listen. Cecile is drinking Some crisp apple cider.  Ok guys really should I stop now? Well anyway thanks for listening to everything and have a great day! ( and if its your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!) Bye!!! 🙂