Cyber Monday Shopping Haul!

Happy New Year! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. We were very busy!

Well lets start our shopping haul, shall we?…

The first thing I got was the roller skating set! It looks really cute! And the colors are my favorites!

Roller skate dolln  Isn’t it cute! Skate away  Cecile’s been skating about all day long! “Woof! Woof!” And so has Coconut!Pup in skating  Next I got 3 Ag minis. Addy, Kit and Felicity Addy pic 1Here’s Addy!

Kit Kit picture 1 and Felicity! Hey, Where is Felicity? “Up here!” Felicty pic 2 “Oh Felicity What are you doing up there?” “I’m trying out my new swing a wing!”. Felicity wanted you to see her Swing a Wing! Okay where was I … Oh yes, The mini doll books are perfect for Cecile She Loves to read them ( She’s reading it right  now!)  doll read

Even though the mini dolls are quite small, Cecile thinks they’re great friends! Fun doll pic