Mini doll attack!


“You’re right,” Mia said “coconut was dirty.” Mia and Cecile were giving coconut a nice bath.



After coconut’s bath she wagged her tail, “woof!”


Meanwhile, Kit and Felicity were up to  what they called “spy work”.

“Hey!” Felicity said, “Let’s scare Mia and Cecile!” “Yeah!” Kit said, “That’s a great idea!”

“Come on!” Felicity said. “Shhh!” Kit said.  They crept across the corner.

“Let’s hide behind this.” Kit suggested. “Ok, at the count of three jump and yell boo, Ok.” Felicity said. “Yep!” Kit replied.


“1,2,3,” Kit and  Felicity counted, “BOO!” They shouted.



“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mia and Cecile hollered and they fell to the ground.



“Come on, Lets get out of here!” Kit said. So they ran back to the spy cave.


“What in the world was that?” Cecile asked. “I have no idea. ” Mia said.





Jr. Vet

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OK,You’re probably wondering when is she going to start? Here’s your answer: I’m going to start now!

“I can’t wait to help all the animals!” Cecile said as she picked up spots (the pet panda) WIN_20150109_115558  “Hmm… Yes the check list says to give him a bath” Cecile  said

Cecile made sure the temperature was just right, then she put spot in the tub WIN_20150109_115754“Good,”Cecile said “Now lets check on that poor paw of yours”Cecile said gently patting him. Over the rough winter, Spot hurt his paw.Cecile and Lulu found him and decided to help out with Spot and the other hurt animals. Cecile carried spot to the “working counter” to check on his paw.WIN_20150109_115955 “Great progress! You”ll be watched over still but now you should fill much better!” Cecile smiled.Cecile walked back to the animal watching cave and put him down. WIN_20150109_120127“Next up,Jagi – cat “Cecile smiled.Jagi – cat was an adventurous cat who was know after his spots, Looked so much like a jaguar, So they called him Jagi-cat But Jagi for short. Jagi needed a checkup because he had a “tummy ache” WIN_20150109_115558Cecile needed help with this one, so Lulu came to help her “First you need your safety goggles ” Lulu said “Okay’ Cecile said. WIN_20150109_120601  ” lets see he looks pretty good to me “Lulu said “How about you Cecile?” “He looks good to me to!” Cecile said WIN_20150109_120739 Cecile walked back to the animal watching  cave .”Bye,bye Jagi” “Your next Coconut!” Cecile saidWIN_20150109_121831

Coconut broke his leg “Oh , poor thing”Cecile said Coconut loved to play,but with his hurt leg he would have to rest for weeks. WIN_20150109_122010“Woof! woof!”barked Coconut. “I’m really sorry you broke you leg Coconut, But it will feel much better soon!” Cecile said.  Cecile walked back to the animal watching cave. “here yo go Coconut!” WIN_20150109_122547 “I had the best day ever here!” Cecile smiled

“Are you coming back soon?” Lulu asked “Yes, Infact I’m coming back tomorrow! “Cecile Laughed!

The Seven seas of friendship part 1


Actors: Lulu as Lucy

Cecile as Mia

There were two Sisters. The youngest Mia(9) the oldest Lucy (11).  They lived on a small island, With palm trees, and soft sand. They had a little boat and used it for when they wanted to adventure. One day they were traveling in there boat and found a pretty  garden with flowers.

WIN_20141114_195447 Right when Lucy touched the flower she vanished! Mia wept over the loss of her sister. Tears streamed down her face. She was so sad. “Ha!” a voice said. “I was the one who made your sister vanish!” “How dare you!” Mia screamed. “How dare you?” said the bear, and off he went. WIN_20141114_200831