There’s a new doll… Story Contest!

Hello My Friends!

I have a fun contest for you guys! This writing contest is an add on story.


  1. Add on to the story I wrote about a new doll
  2. Write about the dolls features, its all up to you.
  3. the story needs to have at least 50 words or more
  4. Use as many descriptive words as you like just make sure it is a good word.
  5. last but not least have fun

Here is the story:


The New Doll 

You and your friend were walking to the american girl store.

A new doll was just released and you couldn’t wait to see it!

When you walked towards the window you …

To enter the contest fill in some not so personal information in this box then put your story inside the space that says comment. Please post a comment on this post telling me you have entered.

Thanks for reading! I hope you join the contest!


Fixing Addy’s broken leg!

Hello my blog friends!

Did I tell you that Addy’s leg popped off? Well, a few days ago my mom helped me repair her.

First of all, we took her head off by untying the string. Then the head came off and we took all the stuffing out. There was a lot of stuffing! Then, after that, we attached a few things together and voila there you go!

Here are some pictures!

That’s it, now Addy will be back in the blog!


Meet Jennifer and Jason!


As you see in the title that there are some newcomers, meet Jennifer and Jason my bitty twins!


They’re so cute and they come with a book as well. I enjoy this knew addition to our doll family. The boy comes with blue loafers, jeans, and a plaid button down. The girl comes with blue flats, butterfly tights, and an adorable denim dress. I recommend this highly, especially if you can’t decide between getting a bitty baby or an american girl doll.

We recently went to Chicago in December, they had an AG place there and that’s where we got them. These are super cute and adorable.

If you have bitty twins or a bitty baby, I would love hearing from you!


Have a “dollightful” day!

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How to save up for an American girl doll ( Mia style) Part one


One Sunny day I walked to the store. I passed the toy shop

“I need that doll.” I thought .


What If I had A ….LEMON AID STAND!

Who wouldn’t want lemon aid  on a nice hot day


So the Next day I set up my stand and waited…

Waited… WAITED! until my sister Cecile came


” Mia! That’s where you were” Ceclie Shouted


Nice day for lemon aid, How much does it cost?” Cecile asked

” one dollar” I reply


Ceclie hands  me one dollar and I give her lemon aid


“Bye!” She shouts ” See you later!”


The next day I have a Craft stand.


I made Cat head bands,


Fun loom bracelets,


And more stuff.


Addison comes,


She gets two cat eared head bands, One  for her and Cecile

Bitty Baby!


I got a bitty baby at a garage sale for $2.00! 

She’s so cute, I got her for my little sister’s birthday which was a few months ago ( Sorry I didn’t post it sooner!)